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Malla Clothing Indigenous Apparel PTY LTD has recently established, a start-up business in 2019 that creates original works of high-quality art based upon Aboriginal culture, that combine visual art with storytelling.  

The artworks are then transformed into wearable art products. 

Malla is an Aboriginal-owned and operated venture in Cairns, driven by father and son.

Malla is an internationally renowned artist and has exhibited his works internationally and across Australia.

During an artistic career spanning over 30 years, his most memorable commissions were to Canadian singer John Denver and Walt Disney’s CEO Michael Eisner. 

Dale (Malla) brings not only his expertise as a professional artist to the business but also his extensive industry knowledge and key involvement as overseer, advisor, and mentor to Malla clothing. 

The unique designs created by Malla are a culture shared with a spirit of pride, tradition, and trust with appeal across multiple generations of potential buyers and admirers.  

• History – Stolen Designs

Oliver vs Bulurru (1992-2000)

(8 Year Battle in Supreme Court NSW )

Dale Oliver 'Malla' won his copyright court case against Bulurru in 2000 after an 8 year court battle.

Attached below is the original article clipping.

(Article Clipping Attached 29th June, 2000)

A MANUFACTURER which caters for the tourist market yesterday was found to have copied the works of a highly reputable Aboriginal Artist. Acting Justice John Davies found Bulurru Australia Pty Ltd has infringed Dale Oliver’s copyright in his designs;

✓ Barramundi Hunting

✓ Kangaroo tracking

✓ Jabiru and Dancers

The NSW Supreme Court heard Mr Oliver, from the Kukuyalanji people of Northern Queensland not only created works of art but designs to be applied to t-shirts and art panels

In 1992 Bulurru entered into a written agreement with Mr Oliver where the company was licensed to produce goods carrying five of his designs. Two years later there were disagreements between the parties and in August Mr Oliver sought to reject a purported renewal by Bulurru of its license agreements for a further three years.
Justice Davies said during the dispute. Bulurru sought a designs firm called ‘Think Positive’ and five pictures were produced. Mr Oliver claimed the designs infringed his copyright while Bulurru sought a declaration that the option to renew was a valid exercise.

There is such similarity between the new designs...and Mr Oliver’s designs that I have no doubt that the designer of Bulurru designs had before him or either copy of Mr Oliver’s designs or photographs thereof” Justice Davies said.

Layers for Mr Oliver have a week to deal with the issue of damages or an account or profits and costs. Counsel for Bulurru has a further week to respond.

Firm Copied Aboriginal Artworks

Dale Oliver 'Malla' won his copyright court case against Bulurru in 2000 after an 8 year court battle.

Malla has not given out a commercial leasing license in over 20 years until now which was; to his son Jordan Oliver (founder) who founded and funded his own Indigenous Apparel Range to create – Malla Clothing - Indigenous Apparel PTY LTD


OUR HISTORY 5 Generations of Malla Oliver - Kuku Yalanji Clan

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