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Barramundi Earth - Multifunctional Head Tube (Universal)

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<p><strong>Dimensions for this item are:&nbsp; &nbsp; L”50cm” x”&nbsp;W 25cm””.</strong></p>
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<li>Neck Gaiter</li>

<p>The FNQ&nbsp;Hooked&nbsp;Barramundi Blue UPF 20+ Multifunctional Seamless Head Scarf offers awesome sun-protection and is light-weight and comfortable. 93.3%+ UV Protection, with an ARPANSA rating of UPF20+. Seamless Moisture Wicking High Sun Protection Wind Protection Comfortable &amp; Cool wear Ideal for outdoor activities Machine Washable One Size fits all! 100% Polyester moisture wicking.<br><br></p>
<p><span><strong>UPF? What does it mean?<br><br></strong></span></p>
<p><span>Ultraviolet radiation or UV, is present in Sunlight. Sunburn is a sign that your skin has received too much UV. Over exposure to UV over many years can cause more serious health problems such as skin cancer or cataracts. It is often difficult to tell if a fabric offers good sun protection. The Ultraviolet Protection Factor UPF shows how well the a fabric protects your skin from solar UV and lets you select sun protective clothing with confidence. UPF ratings are the superior rating for sun protective clothing, covering not only UV protections but other factors that may reduce sun protection in clothing.</span></p>
<table class="wikitable">
<th>UPF Rating</th>
<th>Protection Category</th>
<th>% UV radiation Blocked</th>
<td>UPF 15 – 24</td>
<td>93.3 – 95.9</td>
<td>UPF 25 – 39</td>
<td>Very Good</td>
<td>96.0 – 97.4</td>
<td>UPF 40 – 50+</td>
<td>97.5 – 98+</td>
<p><strong>&nbsp;<br>So get ready, and get the look, at FNQ Hooked.</strong></p>

<p><strong>Dimensions for this item are:&nbsp; &nbsp; L”50cm” x”&nbsp;W 25cm””.</strong></p>
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The FNQ Hooked Barramundi Earth - Multifunctional Seamless Head Tube UPF20+

What is a Multifunctional Seamless Head Tube?

The FNQ Hooked Barramundi Earth - Multifunctional Seamless Head Tube is perfect for any activity. If you’re a fisherman, camper, hiker or outdoor person, you may have already heard of a Multi tube head tube.

The FNQ hooked Multi Tube Head Tube is an elasticated polyester tube-shaped piece of material which is amazingly versatile and often used during outdoor excursions or sports. There are endless ways how to wear a neck warmer.

This single piece of material has a multitude of uses if you’re a lover of adventures but you can also use it as a functional fashion accessory and add a stylish flair to your everyday look.