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100% Indigenous Owned & Operated In Australia

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About Us

Malla was founded by Jordan Oliver as a means to further showcase
the amazing artwork of his father, the internationally renowned
indigenous artist, Dale ‘Malla’ Oliver.

Jordan created the idea to authentic the display of original indigenous art. Malla has original art
on display all over the world and now this father and son partnership
has created an opportunity to provide these beautiful and unique
images to you in the form of colourful,vibrant, quality clothing.

Our Vision

Malla has recently established, start-up business which create original works of high-quality art based upon Aboriginal culture, that combine visual art with storytelling.  

The art works are then transformed into a wearable art product.

Jordan and Malla are both proud descendants of the Kuku Yalanji Clan from Far North Queensland and each unique design is based on a hand painted Malla story.

Malla is an Aboriginal owned and operated venture in Cairns, driven by father and son.

What our customers say!

I own a couple of the FNQ HOOKED shirts and I must say that are seriously comfortable. The UVF protection they provide cannot be overlooked too! Amazing designs, amazing family behind the brand! Welcome back Malla!

Jack Eldred

Happy customer

Great service all round, loved my new fishing gear!

Travis Horo


To deadly! I love my barra shirt, it gets noticed, I love the amazing authentic art work and the price is reasonable.

Lisa Mari Barba

Big Fisher

Get amongst these guys! Their genuine passion for fishing has formed into such art. Legends to deal with and legendary service! Thanks guys, keep up the good work.

Hayley Henderson

Verified customer

Indigenous Clothing

Indigenous clothing refers to the traditional clothing worn by indigenous peoples, which can vary depending on the specific culture and region. Indigenous clothes mean a lot to those who wear them and to those who see them. It can be used to reflect social order, gender, age, marital status, family affiliation and more. Indigenous shirts are often strongly connected to the land and the environment.

Indigenous Clothing Australia

Malla clothing has the best selection of indigenous clothing in Australia. You can visit our online store to fulfil your needs of buying indigenous clothing in Australia.

Aboriginal Clothing

Shop high-quality unique aboriginal shirts designed and sold by independent artists. Available in a wide range of colours and styles for men and women. We are proud to offer a range of officially aboriginal shirts in our online store, our products are including t-shirts, long sleeves and aboriginal tops.

Aboriginal Design Clothing

Regarding aboriginal design clothing, Malla clothing has a huge variety of aboriginal shirt designs. Some of the key aboriginal design clothing design features are mentioned below:

Barramundi Blue Jersey

Barramundi Tropical Jersey

Crocodile Jersey

Green Sea Turtle Jersey

Mud Crab Jersey

Whale Jersey

Kangaroo Jersey

Aboriginal Tops Are Also a Favourite Product of Our Clients. Check Out the Latest Collection of Aboriginal Print Clothing.

Why Indigenous and Aboriginal Clothing

Indigenous and aboriginal clothing has a deep cultural significance and holds a rich history and tradition, it is not just an item of clothing, but an important part of cultural expression and storytelling.

Cultural Connection

Aboriginal and indigenous clothing helps to connect the wearer to their cultural heritage, traditional art and stories of indigenous peoples. It is a way to express identity and belonging to a specific community.

Cultural Preservation

Indigenous and aboriginal clothing helps to preserve and promote indigenous culture, it's a way to keep the tradition and art alive, and share it with future generations.

Cultural Education

wearing aboriginal and indigenous clothing can also serve as an opportunity to educate others not only about aboriginal print clothing but also about indigenous culture and raise awareness about the history and ongoing struggles of indigenous peoples.

Personal expression

The aboriginal shirt designs can be very personal and meaningful, it can be a way for the wearer to express their individuality, cultural identity and connection to their heritage.

Economic Empowerment

Aboriginal owned clothing businesses and artists can benefit from the sales of indigenous and aboriginal clothing. This can help to provide economic empowerment and create sustainable livelihoods for indigenous communities.

Final Words

Indigenous and aboriginal clothing is a representation of a culture, it is a way to express the connection to the land, tradition, spirituality, and cultural heritage. Malla Clothing is a way to honour the past and acknowledge the ongoing contributions of indigenous peoples to society.